Class of 1988
September 19, 2008
9 years, 6 months and 3 days since
our Reunion.
Hey Panthers!


I know it is IMPOSSIBLE to believe that it has been 21 YEARS since we were walking the halls of Lecanto High School!  But it is TRUE and that can only mean one thing:  IT IS TIME FOR A CLASS REUNION!!!  

Reunion planning has been underway for over six months and our local coordinators (Lisa and Natalie) have done a fantastic job putting together a great weekend that is sure to be memorable and fun.

Mark your calendar:  September 19 & 20, 2008!!!

For more information about the events that are being planned, check out the REUNION PLANS page on this website.  Reunion registration is now available under the BUY TICKETS section of this website.

It's time to really get the word out to everyone about the reunion.  Take a minute to check out WHO'S MISSING and make a call or two.  People can't plan to come if they don't even know about the reunion.  Encourage people to check out this website and to come back often for updates and the latest information.  

And now a message for those of you "lurkers" that keep visiting the website but have not yet put up your own profile and information on the CLASSMATES page: GET TO IT!  No one cares if you've put on 20 pounds, or are losing your hair, or are living out of your car.  Sign in and say hello to everyone!!!  :)

Jenny (Porter) Carrillo
Senior Class President

PS -- There are still plenty of opportunities to get involved in reunion planning!  Please let us know if you'd like to a part of planning this great event!
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